Client: Anthropocene, Short Film

Services: Associate Producer, Casting, 2nd Camera

Year: 2013

Location: New York City

Director: Dexter Davey

Anthropocene is shot film directed by Dexter Davey focused on the streets and diverse inhabitants of New York City who collectively participate in the culture of spilling gum on the sidewalk to the point that any one square meter of sidewalk is covered with 20-50 black dots of old gum. The city is also notorious for being a harsh living environment: chewing people up and spitting them out. The camera flies around the city jumping from the gum covered streets to faces chewing gum to aerial views. The instrumental music creates a frenetic energy. 

In the role of associate producer on this film, I aided in the making of the film including: casting, location scouting, 2nd Camera and BTS photography.