© Lucia Kempkes


Hi, my name is Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray, I’m a creative consultant with expertise in production, research and development, creative direction, concept and storytelling based in Berlin. You may have come across one of the projects I have produced in the cultural sector recently: a film, sculpture, installation, exhibition, book, event program or photoshoot for a commercial.

I started working as a creative freelancer 15 years ago while studying photography, languages and anthropology. Gaining experience as a studio manager and project manager in tandem with assisting artists and directors lead to working as a creative producer, combining both the analytical with abstract thinking. Often excited by new challenges and having many passions lead to building my career by working with creative studios, galleries, in fashion, tech, on feature films and commercials. My favourite part of my business is finding solutions unusual projects that involve forging international teams and logistics. This is where my knowledge of French, German and Spanish come into play- I studied language for exactly the reason of wanting work internationally from a VERY young age. Having lived in Montreal, New York, Sydney, Barceonla, Madrid, Glasgow and now Berlin and worked on projects throughout Europe and the US as well as in Mexico, Columbia, New Zealand, South Africa and Mauritania, my network is extensive. My research trips have taken me to Japan, India and Georgia, Greece and beyond, fuelling inspiration and innovation insight.

Being a polymath means I have lots of different expertise to draw on and I work across media so I never get bored. My passions are spread across art and culture, from design and architecture to literature and cinema. I’m also an environmentalist and intersectional feminist. I’m proud to have been recognized with awards for my volunteering and for implementing recycling programms at studios I have worked with. I welcome projects that seek to innovate, create and bring exceptional ideas to life.


Production: Absolut x Olivia Steele ©Markus Georg
Production and Event: STACK, Little & Large Editions x Andrew Miller ©Andrew Miller
Consulting: Extended Mind Exhibit (Carlo Bernardini)
Fight The Wage Gap, DP Orion Zuyderhoff-Gray, VFX Dexter Davey ©Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray


  • Research and Development
  • Creative direction
  • Storytelling: photography and content creation
  • Production
    • Film and photography
    • Exhibition
    • Product
    • Installation and sculpture
    • Programing and event
    • Print
  • Managment, coordination and liasion
    • Studios
    • Teams
    • Clients
    • Projects



American Apparel, Bumble, Cerrucha, Emilia Kuylowicz, Janro Imaging Laboratory, Jonathan Monk, Julian Rosefeldt, Lagoa, Les Territoires, Little and Large Editions, Maya Contemporary, May & Co., Playbig Film, Picture Drift, Studio Olivia Steele, Sailor Bear Film, Sweets and Bitters, TBA 21, User Group, WP Lavori